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EPHA sent briefing to European Commission on the access to water

The briefing is directed at Commissions consultation on the Drinking Water Directive

29.09.2014 |

EPHA has sent a briefing named ‘Access to Water in Europe’ to the European Commission. In the briefing recommendations of EPHA can be found directed at the Commissions consultation on drinking water in Europe. 

In response to the European Citizens’ Initiative ‘right2water’, the Commission had launched an EU-wide questionnaire on the Drinking Water Directive. This was done in the view of improving the access to quality drinking water in the EU.

The main responses of EPHA towards the consultation are as follows: “Access to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation services cannot depend on how much money people have or in which neighbourhood they happen to live. The Commission must therefore as a priority support Member States in improving availability, accessibility and affordability of water.
Water is a public good, not a commodity. Water privatisation may have damaging effects. 9 Privatisation does not lead to better quality water services, nor does it help to improve affordability or accessibility. Many examples show the adverse effects of privatising of water.
The Commission should exclude water services from trade negotiations such as TTIP and TISA.”

According to EPHA the new commission has the opportunity to embrace the proposals of ‘right2water’ and to use its powers in order to promote the achievement of the right to water.

The briefing can be found here.

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