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Georgia: Exposure visit of Khorga and Chaladidi Community Representatives to Khamiskuri Water and Sanitation Center

Introducing sustainable wastewater and nutrient management in rural Georgian communities

22.09.2014 |

Within the framework of the project Managing Wastewater through Global Partnership - Reducing the Pollution of the Black Sea by introducing sustainable wastewater and nutrient management in rural Georgian communities, exposure visits were organised.

The visits were supported by the Global Wastewater Initiative, by The United Nations Environment programme (UNEP) and organized by RCDA, project implementing partner. Khamiskuri Water and Sanitation center and the Kheta community for members of Khorga and Chaladidi village initiative groups, local authorities, local CBOs/NGOs, school and kindergarten teachers were visited.

During the exposure visit the participants got acquainted with the technologies of safe use of human and animal excreta for food production and protecting the environment and water bodies against pollution. Operation and maintenance of Urine Diverting Dry Toilets (UDDT or Ecosan toilets), principles and benefits of safe use of the toilet products, small scale grey water soil filters, composting of Ecosan products, animal manure storage systems, biogas digester, etc. were explained. The participants were able to see and use the Ecosan toilets and visited demonstration fields on fertilizing with compost and human urine.

During the visit the participants were guided and the Khamiskuri and Kheta Community members explained the principles of operation of the different presented technologies.

At the wrap-up meeting of the exposure visits the participants expressed willingness to enrich their knowledge on the above mentioned issues through trainings and other capacity building activities that are planned by the project in Khorga and Chaladidi communities.


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