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European civil society organisations ask Commission to reject authorisation of the substance of very high concern DEHP in PVC plastic

27.01.2015 |

In early 2015 the Commission has to decide on the further use of the chemical substance DEHP in PVC plastic. 46 human health and environmental interest groups strongly oppose the use of this substance as it is highly toxic, its exposure to environment and citizens is inefficiently controlled and availability of suitable alternatives is broad. See the joint NGO letter to the EU Commission here.

Authorizing the usage of this plasticizer implies infringement of the EU directive on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances, which is calling for a ban of DEHP, and that the Commission fails to meet the main objectives of REACH.
DEHP is highly toxic and hormonally active. It is a hormone disruptor causing feminization in males of several species, and diseases such as breast and testicular cancer and birth malformation in boys.
The substance is found in everyday consumer products such as textiles, furniture and shoes and is traceable in air, water and soil due to its easy leach.
There is more than ample information on alternatives that are available on European markets and technically and economically feasible.
Nevertheless, the socio-economic analysis, both from applicants and SEAC, is deeply flawed and not very robust.