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WECF/EcoForum and HEAL represent European Region Environmental Health Organisations at WHO meeting in Haifa, Israel

WECF/EcoForum and aiming to critically assess implementation of 2010 Parma Declaration to protect (children’s) health at high-level meeting of the European Environment and Health Process (EEHP)

29.04.2015 |

At the moment the WHO high-level meeting of the Task Force – the Mid-term Review (MTR) Meeting of the European Environment and Health Process (EEHP)) is taking place in Haifa Israel. WECF / Eco Forum and HEAL are representing the NGOs in this process and at the MTR.
The meeting aims to critically assess the implementation of the 2010 Parma Declaration, in which all countries committed to the first-ever, time-bound goals on environment and health to protect (children’s) health.ter and sanitation, healthy and safe settings for physical activity, and environments free of tobacco smoke and toxic chemicals, and eliminating asbestos-related diseases. Participants will also share progress and plans in areas such as indoor and outdoor air quality, climate change, and noise.
It will also review the governance structures and define steps to prepare for the Sixth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health planned for in 2017. A series of reports, assessments and new cost burdens of disease will be released, and Ecoforum/WECF together with HEAL will be providing more information on this in the coming weeks. Here you can follow the the link to the WHO webpage with further info

WECF / Eco Forum involvement
WECF / Eco Forum as the representative organisation for the environment community has been invited to bring a small delegation to Haifa. WECF will be present there with Sascha Gabizon, WECF International Director, and Chantal Van den Bossche, Communications Manager.
WECF / Eco Forum has been involved in the Environment and Health Process since its inception, and has a seat on the European Environment and Health Task Force to represent the environment community, along with HEAL who represent the health NGOs. Both NGOs also have an active role in the EHP Communication Working Group.

HEAL and WECF/EcoForum prepared an NGO position statement which was signed by many organisations in the 53 countries of the Europeean Region.

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