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21 hazardous chemicals were found in women’s hair

French NGO Générations Futures examined exposure of women to endocrine disrupting chemicals

12.03.2015 |


The French NGO Générations Futures examined the exposure of women to endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). An average of 21 different EDCs were found per woman, including 19 endocrine disrupting pesticides.

The research focused on EDC exposure to women of childbearing age living in urban areas in the greater Paris area. The investigation was carried out by an independent research laboratory. Samples of hair from 29 different women were tested for 64 suspected EDCs.

EDCs are chemicals that potentially affect the hormonal system of the body and that can damage the health of individuals and his or her children. Exposure to these substances poses the greatest health risks for young children and babies (in the womb).

Download the full research report here (in French). Générations Futures’ press release can be found here (in French). HEAL – a partner of Générations Futures and WECF – translated the press release into English.

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