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5 Simple Hair Beauty Tips From Eco Hairdresser Birgit Pesin

Birgit Pesin has been eco hair dressing for twenty years

24.11.2013 |

Birgit Pesin has been promoting the use of natural hair dyes and other natural hair care products for twenty years. In her work, she uses natural and ecological products and she encourages her clients to try them. She also gives lectures to young German hairdressers on how to use natural products in their daily work and on what the actual health benefits are. Here are Birgit Pesin’s five hair eco beauty tips.

Tip 1: Do not exaggerate with hair washing
Nowadays we are almost obsessed with our personal hygiene. We take showers twice a day, wash our hair every day and we always use one or more beauty products. Birgit stresses the fact that our skin has its own natural balance which we disturb by using different cosmetic products. It takes almost 24 hours for skin to renew the natural balance, but then again the next bathing time arrives. If you have a feeling that hair should be washed every morning, do it, but use only water or very little shampoo on the following day. Sometimes washing your hair can be replaced by brushing your hair properly. Regarding kids – they need shampoo maybe once a month, the rest of the time pure water is sufficient.

Tip 2: Dilute the shampoo

Use smaller bottles to dilute the shampoo. The pointed tip also makes it easier to apply the diluted shampoo evenly onto your scalp. This will benefit not only your hair, but will also save your money. When washing hair, we use too much shampoo and we rarely rinse it out properly. However, none of these hair care products are intended to be left in the hair. Usually leftovers irritate the skin and problems such as scalp itching emerge. Birgit recommends diluting shampoo. Conventional shampoo can be diluted with water 1 to 10, ecological ones – 1 to 3 or 5. To make it more convenient, use a special bottle with applicator (available in beauty shops). Pour in a little shampoo, add water, shake the bottle and apply it to your hair, just like colouring them. You will see how easily shampoo is foaming and rinsing out. At the same time you will need almost ten times less shampoo.

Tip 3: Avoid silicones in hair care products
Silicones can cause problems to the scalp and hair. How? The silicone creates a thin layer on the hair, making them indeed look shiny and easy to comb. However, the silicone does not distinguish the hair from the skin. With a thin layer, it covers your scalp as well. The skin underneath it cannot breathe, neither can it secrete sweat nor grease normally. Consequently, sometimes the skin on the face gets irritated because it starts to sweat more intensively. You need almost a month to get rid of the silicone film. Due to the silicon layer, hair does not absorb good substances from the hair care products. You can also forget about hair dyeing with natural dyes because they just won’t work. To find out whether your shampoo (conditioner) has a silicone, check the ingredient list – all substances with a name ending on “cone” are silicones.

Tip 4: Healthy hair doesn’t need much
If your hair is not damaged by chemical dyes, you can take care of them without the conditioners and other special care products. Shampoo will be enough. Yes, maybe a good shampoo that contains only natural ingredients is more expensive, but you will save a lot on all the specialized products for shiny and thick hair, etc.

Tip 5: Brush your hair
Grandmother’s recommendation – comb your hair hundred times a day and your hair will look beautiful – is very close to the truth. By brushing, your hair gets stronger and it increases in volume. Choose an appropriate brush, preferably with natural bristles, and comb your hair every day.

Use a comb with natural bristles

WECF collaborated with Birgit Pesin for the project called Baltic Info Campaign on Hazardous Substances (BaltInfoHaz). For instance, WECF brought her to Baltic States to give seminars on eco hair dressing.

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5 Simple Hair Beauty Tips From Eco Hairdresser Birgit Pesin
Birgit Pesin has been eco hair dressing for twenty years

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