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WECF Brought Eco-oriented Hairdresser to Baltic States

Birgit Pesin held seminars in Latvia and Estonia

24.03.2015 |

WECF brought the eco-oriented hairdresser Birgit Pesin from Munich to Latvia and Estonia to hold three seminars for eco-oriented hairdressers. The seminars took place in February 2014 and 2015, in Riga and Tallin. They are a follow-up to a workshop meeting in October 2013 in Munich, in frame of the project Baltic Info Campaign on Hazardous Substances (BaltInfoHaz).

Birgit Pesin has been working as a hairdresser for thirty years.  Out of these thirty years, she has spent approximately twenty years as an eco hairdresser. She owns a hairdressing salon in Munich. With her extensive experience, she promotes the use of natural hair dyes and other natural hair care products. Birgit Pesin uses natural and ecological products in her work and encourages her clients to try them. She also gives lectures to young German hairdressers on how to use natural products in their daily work and on what the actual health benefits are. Birgit Pesin says that natural means of hair care is a growing trend in Germany and that natural hair care could also have great potential in Baltic countries after a couple of years.

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WECF Brought Eco-oriented Hairdresser to Baltic States
Birgit Pesin held seminars in Latvia and Estonia

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