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Stop state-sponsored forced labour in Uzbekistan!

Sign the petition by Walk Free and Cotton Campaign

21.10.2015 |

Uzbek activist Elena Urlaeva was recently abused and detained by police for documenting the scandal of state-sponsored forced labour in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan. Walk Free and Cotton Campaign have set up a campaign to hold international institutions like the World Bank accountable for their (financial) support to modern slavery in Uzbekistan.

The Uzbek government operates the world’s largest state-run system of forced labour, removing teachers and doctors from their work for up to two months a year and forcing pensioners to work in the fields or give up 50% of their pensions. Those who try to speak out, like Elena, are brutally repressed. Furthermore, international institutions like the World Bank are still financing Uzbek projects that have been documented to use forced labour. WECF has run projects in Uzbekistan for years and is shocked by this development.

The World Bank has signed a contract promising to suspend loans if evidence of forced labour was uncovered. Walk Free, together with the Cotton Campaign, is organizing a campaign to hold the World Bank to its promise and to show that the international community does not support modern slavery.

Sign the petition now and help put an end to forced labour in Uzbekistan!


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