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WECF partners ASDPNau and CAAW's school stories are highlighted in the new SuSanA publication

Ecosan toilets in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan demonstrate that ecosan technology works well in Muslim regions while at the same time ecosan products ensure food security

07.10.2015 |

WECF partners ASDPNau and CAAW with their school stories are highlighted in the new SuSanA publication: "Making WASH in Schools more Sustainable Vol. II"

The ecosan toilets in Khujand (Tajikistan) and Aravan (Kyrgyzstan)demonstrate that ecosan technology works well in regions mostly populated by Muslims and that, at the same time, the ecosan products are a source for ensuring food security.

This publication is the second volume of "Making WASH in Schools more Sustainable" and was launched at Stockholm World Water Week 2015. Similar to Volume I, it showcases various approaches, both practical and innovative, to provide sustainable WASH solutions in schools around the world.

The stories are not limited to the construction of water and sanitation systems but also show how these systems are operated and maintained through active involvement of pupils, teachers, cleaning staff and community members. In some cases, awareness is raised for the accountability of functioning WASH facilities among school children and teachers, which can lead to empowered school communities taking responsibility and consequent actions to improve the situation themselves.

The case stories are divided into four thematic chapters:

1. How to link school and productive sanitation?
2. How to deal with menstrual hygiene management in schools?
3. How to bring schol sanitation to scale?
4. WASH interventions in schools: Going beyond health impacts - The role of monitoring

As the lead of SuSanA working group 7, Claudia Wendland and Isabell Wienpahl from WECF initiated and coordinated the development of this publication during the last year.

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