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WECF to host a live Q&A on Reddit for International Women’s Day 2016

For this year’s International Women’s Day, we at WECF will be focusing on the theme 'gender and chemicals'.

07.03.2016 |

Make sure you tune in on tomorrow as Alex will be there to answer all your questions!

We are proud to announce that we launched our report Women and Chemicals today, March 7. It is an extensive report on the impact of hazardous chemicals on women. To celebrate the launch of the report, we will be hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit tomorrow, International Women's Day, at 2-3pm CET. During the AMA we will invite the general public to ask us questions.

Please note! The direct link to the AMA will be posted on WECF’s website, facebook page and twitter page 30 minutes before the live Q&A.

In short, the report shows how women are particularly exposed to chemicals due to a number of various biological and sociological factors. The three major findings of the report are:

  • Women are exposed differently than men and often less protected to hazardous chemicals
  • Women should be better protected, especially during their pregnancies as they can transfer hazardous chemicals onto their babies, which are particularly vulnerable to the impact of these dangerous chemicals
  • National regulations do not protect women (nor men and children) sufficiently from exposure to hazardous chemicals

It is a major concern that policies today do not sufficiently respond to these specific needs of women and babies. Therefore we are calling for stricter laws, disclosure of information for consumers, and incorporation of cost for polluters.

We invite you to join in on March 8th and ask us anything! Whether you have any specific questions in regards to the findings of our report; gender & chemicals; about the operations of our organisation; or more general questions – We will be there to answer you as best we can! 


Representing WECF at the AMA tomorrow:

Expert: Alexandra Caterbow

Moderator: Hanna Gunnarsson