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"Bartang – The Valley of Hopes" - documentary devoted to the life of remote mountain villages in Tajikistan

WECF Partner Little Earth is an ecological organisation with a creative approach to solving traditional problems of environmental protection

09.03.2016 |

Snapshot from Little Earth's documentary

They are engaged in a variety of environmental issues including climate change, sustainable energy and developing a youth environmental movement.

Little Earth produced this short documentary devoted to the life of remote mountain villages in the Bartang river valley, Pamir. With beautiful imagery and through interviews with locals, we get an insight into how green technologies are used in local communities.

Quoted from their website:

“Harsh natural conditions of highlands, hard life, limited resources, remoteness from major cities and the proximity to a dangerous Sarez lake - an everyday reality for the inhabitants of the Bartang valley. For many years they lived in their native land in harmony with nature, but misallocation of resources and an active forests and bushes cutting for firewood led to the destruction of fragile ecosystems and worsened the already difficult situation of mountain villages.

For more than seven years, "Little Earth" promotes mobilization of local communities and the introduction of new resource-efficient technologies. It helps lighten daily work and improve the quality of life of local communities. Working together with the local people in the valley, we not only strive to ensure environmental sustainability, but also to promote the communities’ development as a whole.”

Find out more about Little Earth and their projects here.