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November 19, World Toilet Day

New ecosan toilet relief to girls attending Busi Parents School in Uganda

18.11.2016 |

“I am so grateful to ARUWE and WECF for supporting our school, especially with this new latrine facility. One of our old latrines collapsed but we had no other option and so, we took the risk and used it, although going to the toilet was often quite scary."

"This new toilet is such a relief to us. Time had come when I was very scared of coming to school because I had experienced my periods and yet there was no place for me to refresh myself at school. Life has been so difficult because the facilities we had, had no separation between the boys and girls,” says a girl of the Bussi school".

Almost 500 school children have been using the newly built school toilet since its opening in October 2016. It was constructed with the urine diverting dry technology (UDDT) or ecosan as groundwater tables on Busi island are so high that traditional latrines are not feasible. Next to the UDDT toilets a school garden was installed where compost from the toilets can be used in a safe way. The project is combining construction of toilets with awareness raising on issues such as menstrual hygiene management.

The project has been implemented by WECF partner ARUWE with financial support of Erbacher foundation. 

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