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UNEPís election results are in: Sascha is now regional representative

We are incredibly glad to inform you that our Executive Director Sascha Gabizon has been elected to be UNEP's regional representative for civil society in Europe. Thank you, we couldn't have made it without your incredible support and votes!

11.10.2017 |

"Elections are a transparent and exciting way to designate civil society representatives. I am going to do my best to be a worthy representative for our region which includes Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia" - Sascha Gabizon

Election results

Saschaís strengths include her expertise of environmental health and the Sustainable Development Goals process (Agenda 2030). Her role as regional organising partner for Womenís Major Group in UNECE is also beneficial to her as she is mobilising and engaging civil society in Europe towards a gender just sustainable future. The 3rd session of UN Environmental Assembly (UNEA-3) is approaching in December, which Sascha intends to link to European processes on Chemicals, Waste, Environmental Health, Climate, Water & Sanitation and gender equality.

Photo: (C) UN Environment

This yearís United Nations Environment Assembly, which Sascha will attend as regional representative, will take place at the UN in Nairobi. The focus theme is Towards a Pollution-free Planet; a topic on which Sascha has worked extensively on already. Pollution from toxic chemicals, pesticides, electronic waste and plastics have entered into all parts of our environment, and now also into our food and bodies. We are already seeing a dramatic impact on human health and the health of ecosystems. Radioactive pollution that will never go away and for which, after 60 years of research and billions of tax payers money, there is still no solution.


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