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How was your #PlasticFreeLent?

The last 40 days WECF ran a different Lent, a Plastic-free Lent!

31.03.2018 |

WECF took part in a challenge that was crossing Europe and inspired people to reduce the plastic in their lives, improving their health and the planet's health.

We are sure people learned from us. So did we! On the first week WECF got into the field and talked to people on the streets, promoting this free and healthy life-style. "What's wrong with using plastics?" "Do I have to stop immediately?" The public was able to make questions directy to us and get direct answers.

During the second week, WECF expressed her strong concerns about women's health in relation to plastics. Regular pads and tampons may contain harmful plastic. At the same time, nearly 45% of women in India still don't have acess to menstrual hygiene products. WECF joined the Pad Man Challenge, showing its commitment on ending menstrual poverty and the taboo that still surrounds the menstrual period itself.

On the following weeks, WECF gave precious tips on why and how we should reduce our plastic consumption in our shopping, cosmetics, family activities, etc... And when there is no chance to avoid the plastic consumption, we can always reuse the old plastic to build useful things! Pencil cases, kitchen containers or even couches and green-houses can be made by the plastic bottles we couldn't avoid to buy.

Going plastic-free it is a learning process that can be made step by step. As the Lent comes to its end, the journey doesn't have to stop here! WECF encourages people to continue their paths on this way of living that can save millions of seabirds, fishes, oceans, land and all our ecosystem.

This campaign has been made possible in the framework of the project #MakeEuropeSustainableForAll, partly financed by the European Commission, Europaid

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