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Uganda: Better Lives- Less Rural Migration
The aim of this project is to improve the living conditions of the rural, young population through a more sustainable agriculture, based on organic and conservation agriculture methods.
Donors: Bavarian State Chancellory (Germany)
Partners: Appropriate Technologies Uganda (ATU)
Duration: 01/2017 - 12/2018

Uganda: Promotion of Healthy and Economical Agriculture and Livestock Farming
With simple methods and means, agricultural cultivation methods and local livestock farming are improved and made more profitable. This project is co-financed with an existing project in Uganda: 'Better living conditions, less rural migration',.
Donors: Erbacher Foundation
Partners: Appropriate Technologies Uganda (ATU)
Duration: 05/2018 - 12/2018

Bridging the knowledge gap - Demo farm in Uganda
In cooperation with our local partner organization ARUWE, WECF builds in Uganda a demonstration farm in order to improve the education of local farmers, present sustainable technologies and increase the people's lifequality
Donors: Erbacher Stiftung
Partners: ARUWE
Duration: 06/2016 - 05/2017

Armenia: Women for a healthy rural development
Armenian Women actors of change for chemical free rural development
Donors: Région Rhône-Alpes, Le Fonds pour l'environnement Mondial (GEF), Marisla Foundation (US), Vekst Foundation (Norvège), Counterpart International (USAID)
Partners: AWHHE, Armenia
Duration: 04/2014 - 05/2016

EWA: Women Empowerment
The overall goal of the WECF EWA programme is to contribute to economic and political empowerment of women from low-income rural and peri-urban regions in six developing countries (Afghanistan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, South Africa, Tajikistan, Uganda)
Donors: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
Duration: 01/2012 - 12/2015

EWA South Africa - Community Gardens
"We are not just growing food but growing people. We are not only giving people a plate of food, but more valuable than this; we are empowering people to help themselves."
Donors: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
Partners: Soil for Life, Urban Harvest, Decentralized Environmental Solutions
Duration: 01/2012 - 12/2015

Reducing the use of hazardous chemicals in developing countries
potential of implementing safer chemicals including non-chemical alternatives - tools for Georgia and the EECCA region
Donors: SAICM Quick Start Programme Trust Fund, UNEP
Partners: Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth Georgia, Rural Communities Development Agency (RCDA), Georgian Ecological Agricultural Association (SEMA)
Duration: 07/2010 - 07/2012

Empowerment & Local Action (ELA)
Building the capacity of poor local communities in rural areas
Donors: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MinBuza), The Netherlands; Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), Germany
Partners: Agency Support Development Process Nau, AWHHE, BIOM, Central Asian Alliance for Water & Public Fund Mehr-Shavkat, Georgian Environmental and Biological Monitoring Association, Foundation Caucasus Environment, Ecos NGO, ECOTOX, Habitat for Humanity, Katachel e.V., Mehriban, Paros, Public Association Mountain Club Jabagly-Manas, RDCA, Regional Public Ecological Organization “Vozrojdenye” (“Revival”) of Tatarbunary, Rural Women’s NGO “Alga”, SEMA, Social Union Agerkech, Society Development Centre of Akhaltsikhe, The Greens Movement of Georgia/FoE, “ULGU”, UNISON, WISDOM, WPO “SAFO”
Duration: 01/2008 - 12/2010

Poland: Between the Rivers Bug and Narew
WECF and SIE are developing local partnerships in order to manage and cultivate 15 rural Masovian communities along the river Bug sustainable.
Donors: European Commission, DG Environment; Stefan Batory Foundation,Poland; Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation (FWPN), Germany, Poland
Partners: Social Ecological Institute Warsaw (SIE), Unser Land
Duration: 01/2008 - 12/2009

Kyrgyzstan - Decentralised and Sustainable Wastewater Management
Consulting and supporting NGOs in Kyrgyzstan to develop ecolocial sanitation and wastewater management in rural areas
Donors: German Ministry of Environment (BMU)
Partners: Habitat for Humanity, Alga, ULGU, BIOM
Duration: 03/2006 - 12/2008

Towards a sustainable rural Overijssel
Naar een Duurzaam Platteland
Donors: Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM), The Netherlands
Partners: Oons Ambacht
Duration: 01/2007 - 06/2008

Tapping Our Ressources - Sustainable Development and Poverty Elimination
Safe Drinking Water, Safe Sanitation, Safe Food
Donors: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development Cooperation, TMF programme, The Netherlands
Partners: AWHHE, Katachel e.V., MAMA-86, Ukraine
Duration: 01/2005 - 12/2007

Afghanistan - Tapping Resources
WECF and Katachel Afghanistan working on improved sanitation for the Kunduz region
Donors: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development Cooperation, TMF programme, The Netherlands
Partners: Katachel e.V.
Duration: 01/2005 - 12/2007

Armenia Tapping Resources
Poverty elimination, organic farming and improvement of water supply and sanitation in rural areas of Armenia
Donors: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development Cooperation, TMF programme, The Netherlands
Partners: AWHHE
Duration: 02/2005 - 12/2007

EU - Fact Sheet Common Agricultural Policy
Information on organic farming, conventional agriculture and policies in the EU.
Donors: European Commission, DG Environment, Netherlands Ministry of Environment
Partners: WECF Spain
Duration: 01/2006 - 12/2006

Armenia - Healthy Food for Pregnant Women
Improving the health of newborn babies and pregnant women in Armenia; Growing organic Amaranth for the maternity clinic of Yerevan
Donors: Fred Foundation, The Netherlands; Haëlla Foundation, The Netherlands
Partners: AWHHE
Duration: 01/2000 - 08/2004

Romania - Safe Drinking Water
Developing a participatory democracy, creating a network of local environmental NGOs and implementing effective and reproducible small-scale projects for safe drinking water solutions.
Donors: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Cooperation, MATRA programme, The Netherlands
Partners: Medium & Sanitas
Duration: 01/2002 - 01/2004

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