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Energy-efficiency, costs, health and precarity – (dis)entangling the threads

25.06.2013 | 9:00-18:00; location: TBA

WECF France, a member of RAC (Reseau Action Climat) is also engaged in the National Council on Debating the Energy Turnaround (CNDTE). As part of this work, WECF invites to a conference on energy efficiency in French (‘Rénovation énergétique / financements / santé et précarité  quels liens tisser?’).

With the possibility of a French Energy Turnaround, several goals have to be reached, namely higher energy efficiency through improving the modernising insulation of buildings. However, modernising insulation of buildings should not affect the health of the inhabitants. Indoor air pollution needs to be kept down, with ventilation guaranteed and safe building materials. Also, costs are a big topic in this debate. Poorer families cannot always afford the necessary and costly building renovations to achieve better energy efficiency.

In this conference, WECF France will try to develop solutions to those problems, debating the commitments already made in the national energy debate, raising awareness on indoor air pollution, and seeking equitable solutions.

Admission is free, however registration is necessary. A full programme is available here (in French). 

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