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News from Armenia from WECF Partner AWHHE: Emergency situation around the burial site of obsolete and banned pesticides in Armenia

Emergency situation on burial of obsolete pesticides, which could pose enormous threats to human health and environment, will come to solution

20.04.2010 | AWHHE

An emergency situation has arisen around the burial site of obsolet and banned pesticides in Armenia. But it looks like the problem soon will come to a solution, with the e Office of OSCE in Yerevan lending support.

Read the full report by WECF partner AWHHE

Emergency situation around the burial site of obsolete and banned pesticides in Armenia

There is an emergency situation caused by the destruction of the burial site of obsolete pesticides, which can pose enormous threat to human health and the environment. The site is located between villages Voghchabert and Geghadir. About 800 meters from the cottage settlement and the village Moushakan and belongs to the Yerevan administrative area.

The Nubarashen burial ground of obsolete pesticides is threatening to cause a serious ecological catastrophe. There is an urgent need to remove and dispose the huge amount of pesticides buried in this site. But this is not as easy as it seems to be done. To implement everything safely and on a high level a huge amount of finances is needed. Now the RoA Ministry of Emergency Situations together with the Yerevan Office of OSCE is undertaking serious steps towards the fundraising and the immediate solution of the problem.

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