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Paris – November 16 : WECF toys tests : too many toxic subtances in toys!

During the test action in Paris WECF found traces of formaldéhyde et xylène

21.11.2011 | WECF France Press Release

After its toys test in the Netherlands, WECF organized a similar action in Paris on november 16, with the aim of informing parents and political players  of the enduring présence of substances of very high concern (svhc) in toys. Indeed during the test action last Wednesday we found formaldehyde – a carcinogenic, and xylène, an allergizing substance, in several toys.

In the weeks preceeding the action, WECF had lead other toys tests in two labs, which revealed the présence of phtalates, heavy metals, brominated flame retardants and benzophénone, anendocrine disruptor.

Read the full press release in French here...