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Open Press briefing and Discussion: How the Complete Change to Renewable Energies Can Be Achieved

Joint press release of WECF and WLOE on renewable energy

10.06.2011 | WECF

Download the press release in English or German
Download a programme of a Side Event "100% Renewables Instead of Nuclear Energy", co-organised by WECF on the 14th of Jun, 2011

Open press briefing and discussion with Dr. Nina Scheer and representative of Eurosolar:

"100% now: How the complete change to renewable energies can be achieved"

Tuesday, 14 June, 15:30-16:30 (3:30-4:30 pm) at the offices of EUROSOLAR, Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße 11, 53113 Bonn

Before the Fukushima disaster confirmed what the anti-nuclear movement has said for over three decades, politician and solar advocate Hermann Scheer (1944-2010) explained how the complete switch to renewable energy could be realized quickly. In his last book, "Der Energethische Imperativ", now being translated into English, the then-president of EUROSOLAR looked at concepts and proposals for the shift away from fossil and nuclear energy and their prospects of success… declaring that: "the switch to renewable energy (is) achievable worldwide, if we step up to mobilize our full strength to this end, and that it can be done within a quarter-century, in some regions and countries earlier already." Carrying on his important work are Eurosolar and his daughter, Dr. Nina Scheer, managing director of UnternehmensGruen , and board member of the Hermann Scheer Foundation.

Before her presentation at a side event at the UN Climate Change Conference Tuesday evening, 8 pm (Announcement here), Nina Scheer will speak about her father’s work – so relevant right now – and answer questions from the press (in German and English).

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Organized by: WLOE e.V.; WECF