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Press kit of WECF's symposium on breast cancer and EDCs

100 participants participated in the symposium

20.10.2014 | WECF

WECF France’s symposium on breast cancer, women’s reproductive health and endocrine disruptors took place in Lyon on October 14th.


The event gathered 100 participants in Lyon’s city hall, around US scientists from Silent Spring Institute and UCSF who came especially for this occasion, and delivered strong messages to the audience, as well as stakeholders of IARC, French cancer research units, Ministry of Environment, MEP, health professionals, NGOs, health insurances, local stakeholders of prevention of diseases, etc.

The day before, October 13th, a press conference with 3 US speakers was hosted by WECF in the representation of the European Commission in Paris, thanks to the support of MEP Michèle Rivasi.

The same day WECF France and the US speakers were invited to take part in a panel of the Green party’s national convention on health and environment to discuss economic and social costs of environmental diseases. And a representative of IARC (Lyon) invited them to meet with staff to share their perspectives on breast cancer and environmental agents.

 From what WECF has heard, France is committed to push for a strong EU EDCs policy, and the French Environmental Conference should confirm this at the health and environment roundtable will take place on November 28th.

WECF is very pleased with these positive outcomes and with the support of these scientists of prestigious research centers, who clearly raised their voices in front of French stakeholders and health professional for prevention as a way to reduce exposure to toxic environmental agents.

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