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Statement from the Energy and Climate Working Group

The proposed statement of the energy and climate change working group during the European Women`s Conference on a sustainble future.


Towards an effective, innovative and gender justice climate and energy policy.

The Womenís Environmental Network in Germany welcomes the initiative to develop an European sustainable development strategy.
But we want to remind that sustainable development requires the full and equal participation of women at all levels and the incorporation of a gender perspective into the work on all issues addressed in the European Union strategy for sustainable development.

World-wide women
  • are particular effected by poverty
  • are most of all suffering on environmental degradation
  • are only marginally involved in decision-making in policy and economy
  • have a more cautious approach towards risks than men, but donít have influence in technical developments and innovations.
Having in mind these background it must be an important goal for a sustainable development to gain gender justice. A strategy and instrument to reach these goal could be a consequently carried out gendermainstreaming.

Important is also the inter-linkage between the different issues and fields of work e.g. between climate protection and poverty respectively employment.

We want to clarify these annotations for the field of climate protection and energy.

Download the full version of the Statement from the Energy and Climate Working Group (doc.).