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Attention - Obsolete Pesticides!

The problem of obsolete pesticides management in the Ukraine


Download the full report on Obsolete Pesticides.

Traditionally, pesticides or plant protection preparations, that were used (and still are used) in Ukraine, may be subdivided into three groups (depending on their origin). The first group incorporates preparations of plant, fungi and bacterial origin; the second group incorporates inorganic compounds of copper, iron, etc; while the third group incorporates products of industrial-scale organic synthesis (organic compounds of chlorine, phosphorus, mercury and other metals). 

Pesticides of the first group are natural and generate minimal technogenous loads. At the same time, pesticides of the second and the third groups belong to toxic chemicals.

Application of intensive plant cultivation technologies in 1980s resulted in growth of annual pesticide use up to 100 thousand tons. As a result, as early as in 1960s, the process of accumulation of banned and obsolete pesticides in centralised storages and agricultural facilities of Ukraine started. These pesticides incorporated banned and obsolete pesticides (OPs) of the third group, primarily organochlorine compounds.