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Improvement of environmental safety in rural Armenia.

AWHHE publication on health risks from Obsolete Pesticide Dumpsite in in a landslide area near a village



1. Background
  • Rationale
  • Target audience
  • Sectors involved
  • Overall Goal & Objectives
2. Description of Action & Implementation
  • First project stage: Community mobilization & information campaign
  • Second project stage: Investigation and practical improvement steps
  • Evaluation and impact
3. Output

4.Lessons learned
  • Conclusion

Download: Improvement of environmental safety in rural Armenia.

This case study shows that it is essential to involve all sectors of community, mobilize the community and   to give people means to advocate their rights on safe environment and health. The newly created  Collaborative Committee continues its work and with the help of AWHHE and local NGOs, is looking for a  final solution to treatment and disposal of pesticide stockpile. The measures undertaken by Government following the resolution are temporary though the security of the  site has increased. However as the area is still considered as an active landslide zone. The  Government  should develop better policies and guarantee the environmental safety of the pesticide burial in the  framework  of  the National Implementation Plan of  Stockholm Convention. To achieve the goal to treat and dispose the polluted site AWHHE continues to cooperate  with policy  makers and governmental authorities nationally and internationally. This should allow to contribute to the  development of relevant policies on the issues of environmental protection in general and pesticides burial  in particular.