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Linking breast cancer and our environment

The politics of prevention, a WECF publication available in English, Dutch, German and French


Is chemical exposure the missing link factor in breast cancer? Mounting evidence points to exposure to environmental contaminants as a major concern in relation to rising cases of breast cancer. WECF, as the women's organisation on health and the environment, calls on the EU for a strategy on the primary prevention of breast cancer.

In this publication, written by Helen Lynn, WECF focusses on the current epidemic of breast cancer which cripples health budgets all over the EU and links it with chemical exposure. What if this epidemic was preventable?

The publication is available in:

English: "Linking Breast Cancer and the Environment"

German: "Brustkrebs und Umwelteinflüsse"

Dutch: "Borstkanker en Milieu - Naar een preventief beleid"

French: "Le rôle de l’environnement dans le cancer du sein"