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Shoppers guide for toxic-free products

Pocket size guide informs about consumers' rights under REACH


Under REACH, companies are obliged to provide consumers, upon request, information about hazardous chemicals in the consumer products they are marketing.

"I strongly encourage women to go and ask companies and retailers about carcinogens or reprotoxic chemicals in consumer products. Especially because such chemicals do not have to be replaced even if safer alternatives are available, it will be up to us as consumers to let companies and retailers know, we are concerned about this and we do not want such chemicals in consumer products", says WECF policy coordinator, Daniela Rosche.

Pdf downloads: Guide - Press Release

An interview with Sascha Gabizon, executive director WECF, about the new consumers guide will be on air on Thursday 6 December on carrefour Europe on Deutsche Welle.

Copies from the guide can be ordered from: chantal.vandenbossche(at)