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Household Cleaning and Care Products – new WECF guide

Protect children and the environment by avoiding hazardous chemicals


Even if cleaning products are regulated under EU law, it is still possible to find hazardous substances in the cleaning products we use every day. Especially with a child on the way or a little toddler exploring the household, it is important to use safe cleaning products. 

Cleaning liquid may contain harmful substances that impact the environment and remain in the air, on the floor and on the furniture where the child and adult may be exposed to them. It is important to decide how many cleaning products a household really needs.This guide on household cleaning & care products explains in an easy way possible health effects caused by hazardous chemicals and gives general tips on how to avoid them in day to day life.

The guide is divided into small several chapters regarding specific cleaners. There is chapter on all-purpose cleaners, cleaners used to do the laundry and dishes, clean bath and toilet as well as floor, carpet and furniture. There is a separate part dedicated to air fresheners that are especially dangerous for human health.


This brochure is also available in GermanDutch and Spanish.

Download the English version here.


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