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WECF guide on Renovation and D.I.Y

The information brochure "Renovation & do it yourself" informs on avoiding hazardous chemicals in your home while renovating


Every now and then it will be necessary to improve something on your home. No matter if it is a small or large project, but everyone wants to build a nest at some point in their life. specially with a baby on the way, future parents often start to renovate their home or a room for the child. However, many products for do it yourself and renovation can contain hazardous chemicals.

Often, so-called EDCs (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals) can be found as additives in DIY products and furniture. Already low doses of exposure can cause long-standing and severe health effects, especially in vulnerable groups such as children.
We believe there is no harmless dose. EDCs are connected to a lower sperm quality, female infertility, increased risk of diabetes and cancer, adiposity and neurological conditions, such as ADS.

An informed decision to consciously buy products can reduce the exposure to EDCs. Based on selected group-types of products, this guide can show where EDCs are hiding and how they can be avoided. The production of this brochure was financially supported by the German ministry for environment

This brochure is also available in DutchGerman and Spanish.
Download the English version here.

You can order this information guide or its printable version, postage payable.

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