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Pregnant Women and Unborn Babies Susceptibility to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

WECF Positionpaper for a stronger regulation on EDC


WECF published a positionpaper about a stronger regulation on EDC within the Project  "Umwelthormone (EDCs) vermeiden – Kinder schützen, Schwangere und Eltern aufklären".

A significant number of studies  show that the placenta does not provide a strong defence against harmful chemicals, as once previously thought.  In fact, the prenatal development stage is one of the most susceptible to health risks caused by chemical exposure.  Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) are a particular group of chemicals that can cause damage to the foetus development and have long-term adverse effects. EDCs can be found in a variety of products, ranging from cosmetics to children’s clothing, food and many others. It is important to raise public and political awareness on this issue so that pregnant women can be informed and protected from EDCs that can harm their unborn child. ...

You can find the full Paper in english here (PDF).

Deutsch (PDF)