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WECF Guide to Baby Care and Personal Care

The WECF information brochure "Baby Care" and "Personal Care" informs you how to avoid exposure to hazardous substances in your and your baby's care products


WECF's popular guide to baby care and personal care are now also available in English and Spanish.


Guide to Baby Care
Many baby care products contain ingredients that have an irritating or allergenic effect and are suspected being carcinogenic ordisrupting the endocrine system. Regular contact with harmful substances, for instance when bathing or using products on the skin, enables their absorption into the body, even in small amounts. Although most cosmetic ingredients are listed on the packaging with their technical terms (INCI Nomenclature), these terms are incomprehensible to many laypeople.

Guide to Personal Care
There are a multitude of products for hair, skin cleansing and body care. Even if most cosmetic ingredients are listed on the packaging with their technical terms, safe products are not recognisable straightaway. The labels are often hard to read and can be confusing for the layperson. Some ingredients have irritating or allergenic effects or are suspected of being endocrine disruptors, or have been linked to cancer. Daily contact with potentially harmful cosmetics ingredients, for example when bathing or applying to the skin, can help certain ingredients to be absorbed into the body.

Both guides help consumers to make the right choice by explaining the terms on the packaging and giving advise on which ingredients to avoid.

Spanish personal care guide
Spanish baby care guide