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Home Comforts in Kyrgyzstan An Introduction by video

This film, created by WECF partner KAWS, welcomes its viewer into the homes of Kyrgyz people whose communities have been positively impacted in recent years by the introduction of several environmental technologies.



In 2010, 76 Ecosan toilets were introduced to villages in the Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan. The far-reaching benefits of this event are explored in the film. Its positive effect on the environment and the comfort and health of the community particularly women are all made clear.

The film also looks at the positive impact of the 18 solar collectors set up in the Issyk-Kul region. Schools, the kindergarten, the post office and medical-health posts all benefited from this important technology, which uses the energy of the sun to heat water then available for washing.

Also featured in the film are energy-efficient stoves, which were similarly well-received in the Issyk-Kul area. In one village, the project led to the construction of 32 energy-efficient stoves and encouraged the villagers to build a further 142 stoves and hearths themselves.
Moreover, 23 solar dryers were constructed in villages in 2012. These serve the community economically, but also in terms of health, as they can be used by local families and businesses to prepare fruits and berries.

Finally, the prevailing impact of this range of technologies on the community as a whole is shown. Exhibitions have enlightened parents and inspired children; and the extra jobs required by the new technologies have meant that employment rates, as well as the state of the environment, have improved.